About Us

Our Focus, Our Values, Our People

Learn about the different aspects of Mt. Carmel Stabilization Group that makes up who we are.

Our Leadership

Our commitment to service begins with our leadership. Friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable about what we do, we are eager to help anyone who wants to know more.

We Take Pride in What We Do

We’re willing to show up early and stay late. We refuse to quit and we’re always looking for ways to do our job better. That’s true of every member of our team on every site that we work.

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Core Values

Values that mean something

Our values are evident in the way we live, not simply by the work that we do. Every member of our team strives to internalize these characteristics on a daily basis.


Our company, it’s employees and representatives from the top down are selfless in their beliefs, words and actions. Always looking for an opportunity to help a fellow employee, customer or common stranger.

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Quality work is what has sustained this company since its inception. It’s what we are known for and it is an uncompromising attention to quality that defines what we do. It is a deep, almost odd and profound respect for our craft that drives us to deliver well beyond any customer’s expectations.


Excellence can be called a lot of things but at our core, we will always be determined to learn, grow, challenge the norm and do whatever we do, better.

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The Mt. Carmel Way will always push through and find a way to complete a task thought impossible.

Our Story

Learn about our more than 100 year history. The people who make up Mt. Carmel Stabilization Group today are just a part of a long line of individuals who have laid the foundation for our success, and our we’re carrying that work into the future.

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Interested in joining the Mt Carmel Team?

We’re always looking for people who are committed to working hard, serving others, and taking pride in the job they do. Our team members work with drive and purpose, striving toward excellence. It’s anything but mundane. If that sounds like you, contact us today!

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Corporate Headquarters

1611 College Drive
PO Box 458
Mt. Carmel, IL 62863
Phone 618-262-5118
Fax 618-263-4084
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