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Drying Fill Soils

Lime Drying Soils Expedites Site Work

Looking for a solution that can eliminate your project's scheduling and weather worries? Lime Drying is the ultimate game-changer you need! Don't let saturated soil bring your fill operations to a halt - our innovative technique can treat even the most waterlogged soil to achieve Optimum Moisture levels for compaction. With Lime Drying, you can bid farewell to the stress of scheduling and weather-related delays and ensure that your project stays on track.

Often during the course of placing earthen embankment, the proposed borrow material can naturally be well above optimum moisture content and not suitable for fill placement. The earthwork contractor can employ the common practice of discing and aerating when the project schedule and the weather conditions allow. When the weather conditions are poor and inconsistent or the schedule doesn't have enough float time to allow discing and aerating, earthwork contractors can use chemical drying to expedite their fill placement. Chemical drying of soil uses the same process as chemical modification but on lifts of embankment (or in the borrow source) and typically at lower chemical contents. Lime-based products are used for this application due to their ability to absorb excess water in the soil and generate heat, which can allow fill placement to proceed in more adverse weather conditions than if the fill was untreated. When the embankment soil is chemically dried, it is easier to compact and provides a stiffer layer for proceeding lifts, making compaction of successive lifts more effective. By chemically drying the fill soils, we can expedite the fill placement process and keep the project on schedule.

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