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By using full depth reclamation, owners and agencies can benefit from a highly cost-effective and environmentally conscious solution for repairing, rehabilitating, and upgrading their failing asphalt pavements. Our company has been at the forefront of this method for over 70 years, and we're proud to say that we perform FDR on over 100 miles of roads across the U.S. every year. With our innovative approach, you can achieve a durable, long-lasting pavement system that not only saves you money but also reduces your project’s environmental impact and minimizes the traffic impacts of closures.

Full depth reclamation is a pavement rehabilitation technique where the existing asphalt, aggregate, or subgrade soil are pulverized together and blended with a stabilizing agent (Portland cement or emulsion) to create a strong, stiff base pavement layer, which can then be overlaid with asphalt, chip/seal, or concrete. FDR begins with pulverizing the existing pavement materials to the desired depth without any additive. This initial pulverization creates a blend of the existing pavement materials so that the stabilizing agent can be mixed uniformly throughout the pulverized material. Once the initial pulverization is completed, the stabilizing agent is spread and then mixed into the pulverized material followed by compaction and grading. Not only does FDR create an improved pavement base layer, it also allows the opportunity to reshape the cross-section of the road to provide better surface drainage once pavement construction is completed. FDR can also be used in asphalt and gravel parking lots. By recycling and improving the existing pavement materials, FDR saves money and reduces the amount of material that needs exported from the project.

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