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Chemical Stabilization

Lime and Cement Stabilization Can Be Used Structurally

True Chemical Stabilization provides a solution that will stabilize your pavement system and can benefit the bottom line of your project costs during later stages. By using lime or cement products, you can significantly reduce the thickness of other, more expensive structural layers like aggregate, asphalt, or concrete. Our team is led by our Director of Engineering that partners with highly qualified testing laboratories to perform in-depth engineering work and mix designs that provide the perfect chemical and application rate for achieving the maximum long-term performance of your pavement system. With our innovative approach, you can rest easy knowing that your pavement system is not only highly durable but also cost-effective.

When the project requires the subgrade or bearing material to meet a specific strength value, chemically stabilized soil can be used to meet those strength values. Chemically stabilized soil involves the same process as chemically modified soil, but its desired effect is a target strength value that is incorporated into a system's design. Often chemically stabilized subgrades are used in pavement design where an increased CBR or resilient modulus (MR) value can be incorporated into the pavement's structural design. Chemically stabilized subgrade can then provide a huge economic and structural benefit to the pavement. It permits a thinner pavement section than what would be used if the subgrade was untreated, allows for better compaction of subsequent pavement layers (aggregate base, asphalt, roller compacted concrete), and increased pavement life be significantly reducing the risk for subgrade failures during the pavement's life. Chemically stabilized soil can also be used in concrete slab-on-grade construction by incorporating the stabilized soil's increased modulus of subgrade reaction (k) into the slab design.

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