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Lime or Cement Modification for Subgrades

Are you grappling with a sudden and unwelcome expense caused by a soft subgrade? Don't worry - Lime and Cement Modification is the secret weapon you need to slash that cost by a whopping 50%. Not only that, but it can also rescue you from agonizing delays that could stretch from days to weeks or even months! Say goodbye to the hassle and expense of ripping out the poor soil and starting from scratch. With Mt. Carmel, you can transform the existing poor soil into a robust, stable foundation that meets all your project stability requirements.

Chemical modification of soil is the process where Portland cement or lime-based products (quicklime, lime-kiln dust, hydrated lime) are mixed into the soil with the intention of creating a strong, stable construction platform for your next construction activity, whether it's slab-on-grade construction, building embankment, or proceeding with building paving layers. This service can eliminate the costly and time-consuming need to remove and replace unsuitable or extremely saturated soil and allow construction projects to maintain (or even accelerate) schedules. This process can also be used to reduce plasticity of cohesive soils and the swell potential of fat clay soils through agglomeration/flocculation and cation exchange by using lime-based products. Chemically modified soil continues developing strength over time and has proven to be a reliable response to poor soil conditions.

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