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Project Recap: Mt. Carmel Stabilization Group's Achievements at O'Hare Airport

Mt. Carmel Stabilization Group has been a trusted soil stabilization contractor at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport for nearly two decades. Our extensive work at this major aviation hub reflects our dedication to excellence in soil stabilization for numerous critical projects in the most demanding environments. Over the last decade alone, we have stabilized more than 6,500,000 square yards of soil and installed nearly 155,000 tons of Lime Kiln Dust (LKD) and cement at O’Hare.

Long-term Commitment and Expertise

Our involvement at O’Hare Airport spans back to 2005, but the detailed data from 2014 onward highlights our substantial contributions. Between 2014 and 2015, we played a role in stabilizing the taxiways, ensuring they met the rigorous standards required for one of the world's busiest airports.

Major Milestones

One of the standout achievements in our recent history at O’Hare was the massive taxiway project undertaken by Walsh Construction. In 2017-18, our work on this project involved the stabilization of half a million square yards of soil, demonstrating our capacity to handle large-scale assignments efficiently and effectively. This milestone not only showcased our technical expertise but also our ability to deliver on time, even with the demanding schedules and high-traffic environment of a major airport.

Impact and Reliability

The total stabilized area of 6,636,503 square yards from 2014-2024 underscores the scale and impact of our work at O’Hare. By providing a reliable and stable platform on numerous projects,we have consistently helped our customers maintain O’Hare's status as a top-tier airport, capable of handling high volumes of air traffic safely and efficiently.


Mt. Carmel Stabilization Group's extensive work at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport demonstrates our unwavering commitment to quality and reliability as the leading soil stabilization contractor in North America. With over 6.6 million square yards of soil treated and nearly 155,000 tons of materials installed since 2014, our expertise in chemical stabilization and other advanced techniques continues to prepare the soils for successful aviation infrastructure projects.

O’Hare is one of many airports in the portfolio of soil stabilization work performed by Mt. Carmel Stabilization Group, Inc. We have performed chemical stabilization on well over 100 airports from Denver International, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, and dozens of others across the United States. Call upon us as the trusted partner to deliver durable and effective solutions to meet the most demanding construction needs.

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